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Specialising in brands who like to be adventurous

Breakaway Digital specialise in Photography, Web Design and Digital Marketing for the Cycling, Sports and Adventure industry.

We bring the same passion we have for cycling to the web. We don’t just dedicate ourselves to the Cycling industry but we care about what we do and who we work with.

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Client Testimonials

The guys at Breakaway excel at all things ‘tech’ related. From web design, coding, SEO optimisation and marketing through to social media strategies and content creation. Having used their expertise to help drive my previous business forward, (and with tangible...

Sussex Coffee Trucks

Working with Dan from Breakaway Digital has been a very beneficial experience for the team. Dan is extremely easy to work, his professional approach and attention to detail have really impressed us. He is a great asset to the team...

Canyon DHB

Dan’s intricate knowledge of our sector and the speed at which he grasped the direction we wanted to take our business helped to ensure we got our new site live well in advance of our deadlines and the feedback has...

Mike & Jos – Zero Neuf

That was lovely to look through. I think, aside from the obvious quality of your work, you’ve done well to capture the feeling of the event and what it will mean to people. It certainly captures the way I feel...

Ollie Gray – Brand Manager (Road & CX)

I brought Dan into help with our social media as with running a busy cafe and bike shop it felt that we were always reacting rather than being in control of our social marketing, and it was taking up more...

Dan Pullen – N+1 Cafe

Dan’s understanding of cycling made the website development feel like a true collaboration.

Eric DeGolier – BodyRocket

Dan and I met through cycling and he’s done me proud with a great logo for my website that channels the design of my trademark Cinzano jersey while giving it a contemporary twist. It’s been a pleasure working with Breakaway – both...

Felix Lowe – Eurosport

Photography Case Study

Hunt Bike Wheels

At Breakaway Digital we make no secret of the fact that we love cycling, which is why we were thrilled to be asked to cover several races with photography and written words for our client Hunt Bike Wheels earlier this year.

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Here’s how we work:

Too many web agencies over-complicate their process to the point of harming the initial vision and desire of their client. But not us.

Instead, we rely on L.U.C.K.

We Listen

Everything starts with a chat.

Whether over a coffee or down the phone, our years of experience consulting small businesses and startups mean we can help you decide what exactly it is you need.

Sometimes people approach us thinking they need X doing but through careful consideration and an honest and open chat we might all decide that Y would better suit their business needs.

We need to know what your business does, why it does what it does and how it goes about what it does.

This stage includes:

  1. Discovery workshops
  2. Brand analysis
  3. Client research
  4. Competitor analysis

We Understand

Measure twice cut once. Understand sounds a bit wishy washy but it stops us rushing into a project only to find an issue further down the line that could have been avoided with careful planning and a comprehensive strategy.

This is the calm before the creative storm. Often occurring unconsciously as we sleep, ideas fly around and eventually order themselves in our brain ready for the wave of intense production to crash.

Understanding your brief means making lists, scribbling on post it notes and pouring over our ideas until we are 100% happy with our plan.

This stage includes:

  1. Brand strategy
  2. Detailed proposal
  3. Wireframing
  4. Creative strategy

We Create

This is the exciting part, for both of us. We get stuck into the making.

Once all those unconscious thoughts and ideas come into place we begin to create the best solution to your brief. Don’t worry though you can be as involved or as removed as you want. We are flexible and efficient, which in our eyes is a winning combination.

This stage includes:

  1. Web design
  2. WordPress
  3. Coding
  4. Brand guidelines

We Kickstart Your Future

Finally and most importantly we hand over your dream site.

By this point we have perfected your brief and brought it to life. But we don’t just leave it on your doorstep and walk away instead we stick around to kickstart your future.

You will need to know how to feed the dream and so we will always be here to help. Ask us questions, we love to answer them!

This stage includes:

  1. Handover instructions
  2. Long-term online strategy
  3. Social media assistance
  4. Digital marketing tools

A digital agency specialising in adventurous brands.

Ask us anything. From basic questions to complex queries about your approach to strategy, research, content and design. Dan is always happy to chat.+44 7739 967 031

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