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I got into cycling through watching Fabian Cancellara win Paris Roubaix. I’d owned bikes up to that point but I wasn’t addicted to them as I am now. From riding across the South Downs Way on a mountain bike to getting my first road bike, a trusty Boardman, I soon became addicted. Often riding upwards of 10 hours a week while following training plans religiously, sometimes giving more attention to the plan than other aspects of life. The cycling bug had well and truly bitten. 

When I took my (borrowed) camera along to its first pro cx race I didn’t expect that holding such a dated photographic machine up to my face could make the experience even more enjoyable. Not only was I getting to watch the sport I love but I felt there was a stronger purpose in my presence. As I looked over my photographs that evening I saw much more than I had during the day. Different emotions etched on the face of each rider. Emotions I could now observe closely. Seeing the jubilation of the fans as they screamed at and cheered on the riders I realised I had been able to capture the race in more detail than I initially thought. The moments I had captured could be experienced long after the last rider crossed the line. It was this encounter that married together my love for photography and cycling.

For me, cycling is everything that occurs in and around the bike. Pre-ride faf, mid-ride espressos and post-ride chatter. Pre-season training camps and after season beers. There are so many more stories behind what we, as fans watching the big races on tv, can see. So when I get to capture such hidden stories I feel as if I am documenting some of the most important moments of our sport. So that by seeing these moments people will share the same passion I have for the most beautiful sport in the world

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