Meet The Team

Established in 2017, Breakaway Digital is a small team comprised of extremely passionate individuals. Some might say we are addicted to cycling 🙂

Dan King

Founder / Photographer

For me, cycling is everything that occurs in and around the bike. Pre-ride faf, mid-ride espressos and post-ride chatter. Pre-season training camps and after season beers. There are so many more stories behind what we, as fans watching the big races on tv, can see. So when I get to capture such hidden stories I feel as if I am documenting some of the most important moments of our sport.

Horatio Holloway

Editor / Domestique

I’ve always been a cyclist at heart but a charity ride I took part in from Oxford to the Isle of Skye after leaving school made me a cyclist in my legs. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I bought a road bike three weeks before the trip and by the time we set off from Blenheim palace I had just about got to grips with the perils of clipless pedals. Not before falling foul of the obligatory ‘forgot to unclip’ topple over at a set of traffic lights in front of what felt like hundreds of people.

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