Writing Instagram Captions that Convert

In this helpful guide, you’re going to figure out the secret to getting more Instagram likes and engagement. You’ll find out why this is so important to your growth and why you should never neglect to compose a fantastic, engaging caption. The tips here are tips you can put into action straight away – and it shouldn’t be hard to craft engaging captions when they surround the exciting adventure industry! 

Perfectly written Instagram captions are the key to accessing the millions of Instagram users that scroll the platform each day. You might think ‘the perfect caption?! That’s so much pressure!’ – but it’s actually quite simple. You don’t have to do any guesswork. In fact, there’s a simple formula you can follow to make this work. Read on and let Breakaway Digital expand your mind. 

The Formula

Context + personality + inspiration = engaged followers. That’s it, it’s that simple! 

To help you out further, though, take note of the tips below:

Construct An Amazing First Line

Instagram will cut your caption at around 2 lines if you’re lucky, with the option for your audience  to expand it if they are interested in reading more. You’ll only grab a reader’s attention if that first line is spot on, though, so you really need to work on it. 

First lines could be made better with:
  • Disruptive statements 
  • Stats
  • Questions
  • An exclusive offer 

Why not start by making a disruptive statement about the outdoor industry? Whatever you do, it should grab the attention of the reader quickly and make them want to expand the post. 

Include A Call To Action 

A call to action means telling your audience what you want them to do when they have finished reading your post. It could mean telling them to:

  • Register
  • Buy now
  • Click now

If you don’t actually tell your audience what to do, there’s every chance they will keep on scrolling without helping you to achieve what you set out to do.  Make sure it creates a sense of urgency, for example, stating a discount is only available for 24 hours. Make it about your reader by using ‘you’ statements too. For example, ‘order your _ today’. 

Get Your Followers To Tag Friends

You can also end your caption with simple phrases like ‘tag a friend who would love this’. You will get more engagement on your posts, and your followers will share more of your posts with their friends. This will help you to gain more followers and expand your reach. 

Be Authentic 

Authenticity is always going to register better with your audience, so make sure you are thoughtful and strategic with the words you use and stories you tell. Speak to your followers like you would a friend and be sure to incorporate personality. 

Make Sure Your Posts Add Value

Your posts should add value in some way. This could be tips or expert advice on cycling, for instance. Increase the value of your caption and it should make your followers want to bookmark it for future reference!  

Tell A Story

This can help you to show your audience your brand personality. Every brand has a narrative style and every product or service has a story. You can tell an amazing story by tapping into sensory words that describe taste, sound, sight, touch, feelings, or emotions. This will help you to connect your reader and get the results you’ve always wanted. 

Use Emojis 

Just have fun incorporating them into your captions. There are over 3000 to choose from, and they have the following benefits: 

  • Animate captions
  • Add visual interest
  • Draw attention to your call to action
  • Break up dense copy 

Obviously you shouldn’t go OTT with them, and you need to make sure they fit your branding and tone! 

Be Purposeful With Your Caption Length 

It should always be quality over quantity when it comes to your caption length. There’s no right or wrong length though, so do what feels right. If you’re going to write a very long caption make sure it’s worth it. The more you post, the more you’ll be able to see what works. It might be best to stick with shorter captions if you’re unsure at first. 

Use Hashtags Carefully

Hashtags are essential. It means people who don’t even follow you can find your posts. They act like keywords, and they’re trackable, so make the most of them!

You can do a few line breaks and then add your hashtags so they are not getting in the way of what you’re trying to say if you’re worried about them messing up your post. Using hashtags that are more niche will ensure you get engagement – this will also bring in more qualified audience. You can use apps and other resources to ensure you’re using the optimal hashtags for each post. It’s probably a good idea to avoid hashtags that already have millions of posts attached to them! 

Format Your Captions Appropriately 

It’s all well and good crafting an amazing caption, but it also needs to look the part. This means formatting it. Use line breaks to break up long chunks of text so that people aren’t immediately put off reading it – Instagram never used to allow this, but the feature has been installed this year. You just need to hit return when you want a break! Use bullet points too – you can even use emojis for this if you like. Keep sentences short and sweet to make them easier to read too. 

Conclusion: Writing Instagram Captions That Convert 

Being strategic with your Instagram captions is key if you’re going to get the best results. Make sure you combine your own unique voice and POV and you will reach your audience in new and exciting ways. 

You have no excuse for not using this to your advantage, especially since there are Instagram analytics tools like Instagram Insights to allow you to see how well your posts perform. This will give you a powerful understanding of how well your social media engagement is doing and what you can improve upon. All you have to do is keep on honing and tweaking, and eventually, writing Instagram captions that convert will come naturally to you. 

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