I’ve been cycling now for around 10 years there or thereabouts. I started with my Specialized rockhopper on which I absolutely milked the hell out of the cycle path along the coast from the locks at Southwick to Brighton pier. Back then I was by no means my 65kg grimpeur frame that I am today; that bike tamed me somewhat and most certainly moulded me into the obsessed cyclist I am today.

I have two massive passions that consume most of my life, cycling and digital. I love digital it’s what I know, I build stuff that works online, I’ve done it since the days you called yourself just a web designer. Front end, back end, UX… these weren’t a thing. You were a web designer and you built websites. Now everyone builds bloody websites and everyone has a title longer than your arm to go with it. Don’t get me wrong this is great for my industry, it has grown extensively and the technology is immense.

The thing is I just love my bike(s), but the problem with loving your bike is it sticks you in this world of cycling and the “if, maybe, one day” feelings just build up. Some of you may be reading this thinking yeah I know. The rest have most likely gone back to google I figure so i’ll keep waffling.

When you take all those feelings and combine them with hours and hours on the bike, spinning along enjoying life you create visions and visions don’t go away, you have to act them out or just keeping riding perhaps.

My vision is the combination of these two passions. I wish to work with individuals, companies and organisations that share my passion for cycling and hopefully, require my expertise in digital. It matters far more to me that regardless of the need for each others business at the end of the day we can sit across the table and discuss our passions. This way we can lay the foundations from which long term relationships can develop and in turn, I believe this will open up more business opportunities that will not only be built on a mutual passion, but ultimately built on trust..