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The Brief

Being the owner, barista and mechanic of Brighton station’s busy cycle hub. Dan from n+1 needed to utilise his time and free up as much from social media as possible. Just like many of the great independent businesses we work with, n+1 felt that the social media efforts they were undertaking had little strategy behind them and were not defined by any specific measurable goals.

N+1 needed a social media strategy that woudld clearly define both their goals and the process in which they could set out to achieve them.

N + 1 Social marketing strategy

The Strategy

After visiting the cafe and sampling the great coffee of Lindfield Coffee Works Breakaway began to delve into n+1 core ethos and business model. With focused research and competitor analysis it was clear that Dan could make some significant changes in a short period of time that would see him not only increase his social presence but also the effectiveness of his methods.

We created a social media strategy that defined clear goals for each of the social networks Dan would use. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Strava. Then outlined the sort of content required and frequency he would need to post.

Being big fans of Hootsuite as a tool which can free up some much needed time when handling social media we gave advice on how this could simplify his approach and also how to use it for more advanced reporting and competitor monitoring. .

The Result

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