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When designing any website for a client one of the first considerations we have is to establish their audience. Bespoke web design is an often overlooked strategy that leads to successful marketing and business growth. By working with a small and caring web design team you can work towards ensuring your website speaks to both your target audience but more importantly helps to attract new customers and help grow your user base.

Sussex Coffee Trucks Bespoke Web Design

This is exactly what Breakaway has done with a recent web design project. Working closely with Sussex Coffee Trucks we have delivered a web package that follows this idea of a bespoke visual approach to their customers whilst also remaining attractive to anyone looking for a great coffee. Something we definitely appreciate. 

We’ve known Dan, the man driving the yellow Citroen H horsebox for a long time. We even built his website for Lindfied Coffee Works race team. This project coupled with Breakaway’s in depth knowledge and appreciation for speciality coffee really spoke to us, we had to get involved. We knew what coffee lovers want to see in a website and as such had no issue understanding Dan’s target audience. 

By providing the design, areas of development and planning into the future we have ensured that Sussex Coffee Trucks are not left with a website and no follow up or care going forward. This is another benefit of working with a compact team. Our flexibility and independence means short lead times if further development is needed. 

We are really thrilled to have set Dan and his coffee truck up and running online and so is he:

“The guys at Breakaway excel at all things ‘tech’ related. From web design, coding, SEO optimisation and marketing through to social media strategies and content creation. Having used their expertise to help drive my previous business forward, (and with tangible effect) I had no doubts about going to them with my new business idea. I knew they’d be able to decipher my, at times vague, ramblings and give me the honest truth about the businesses viability. Not only that. I knew that they would be able to feel the flavour of what I was trying to do and channel that understanding into producing the right web presence, which is exactly what they did.”

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