My first thought when deciding to sign up to a frame building course was that maybe this was the way for me to resolve the N+1 problem! Now having built my first frame I can testify it has in fact created a bigger problem. In particular how do I free up more time from the day job to build another frame.

I guess walking into a dimly lit workshop filled with scent of bikes and all manner of bike building paraphernalia is pretty close to Santa’s grotto for most bike obsessed people. When you spend all day hunched over a computer like myself you do so with mixed emotions and also various doubts of your abilities about whether or not you can actually build a frame.

So to be told that I wasn’t leaving without something worthy of my tutors name was music to my ears, even if it did mean a long week could be on the cards for both of us.

I would say that to anybody thinking of signing up to a frame building course themselves it is incredibly satisfying and seeing your hard work take shape before you is equally as rewarding. Just remember you will get to cut stuff and file stuff and file stuff and file stuff but most importantly you will end up with a frame immensely more satisfying to look at than any other.

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