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At Breakaway we offer a range of services to suit the needs of an equally wide range of clients. Yes, we do the techy stuff like web design and SEO but we also have a softer more organic side. We love an adventure and when we’re not building a website we like nothing more than getting outside and seeing the wonderful world that surrounds us. 

If you have been following our journey since the beginning you will know our Journal reflects the wide range of services we offer. Posts range from technical blogs aimed at helping small businesses grow to the Double Espresso which is a more light-hearted conversation about the cycling and adventure world. 

But the thing that really gets our creative teams juices flowing is the opportunity to work closely with a brand, organisation or company on a longer more developed piece of writing. 

Why Feature Journalism?

If you read publications like Rouleur or Sidetracked then you’ll be familiar with feature journalism. Feature journalism within the cycling and outdoor industry is a growing market and is something that people are quickly waking up to. Subscribing to newsletters, customers like opening their inbox to find inspirational tales of escape and trepidation rather than another email from a company repeatedly asking for a product review or worse a message letting them know they ‘left something in their basket’.

As we’ve discussed in our blog ‘why lifestyle photography is so important for your brand’ customers are no longer interested in the hard sell. This is as true for the written content on your website as it is the visuals. 

For example, someone with a keen interest in the outdoors who also cares deeply for the environment will be unlikely to enjoy reading a piece of web content that focuses on free next day international delivery if there is no mention of the company’s eco-friendly credentials. You are better off showing them a piece of writing that highlights a zero-carbon emissions adventure your brand supported. 

How Does It Work?

We can work with your brand to create exactly the sort of story you want your subscribers to see. Be that an in depth look at a product or service or a write up of a trip or adventure you would like to host. 

As a brand who focuses on the cycling and outdoor industry we are open to undertaking trips where getting muddy, lost and cold is all in the name of a good story. 

If this type of journalism sounds like something that fits in with your brand or with a product you make then we are here to help. 

Why Choose Breakaway?

Just like our photography services we are flexible to meet your needs when it comes to written content. 

Likewise when we are in the wild gathering ideas for written pieces we are self-sufficient and can be relied on to put together a complete package. 

From understanding your brief to figuring out transport to and from location we can take the stress of creating feature writing off your hands allowing you to keep making the wonderful products you do. 

To make things easier for you we have a number of locations, journeys and adventures we would love to do that are outlined in our blog ‘7 bikepacking adventures that start closer to home’. It is highly likely that your product could fit perfectly into one or all of these ideas and if not there are countless more options out there. 

Cycling isn’t the only thing we do either.

Our team consists of keen mountaineers, canoeists, climbers and even anglers so don’t be afraid to get in touch whatever you specialise in. 

Another key part of the Breakaway ethos is that we don’t charge crippling costs when we work with smaller brands. Often startups have the best stories to tell and so for us we primarily ask for the cost of the trip to be covered and a backlink to our blog where possible. 

Why not tie in our other services such as Brand Photography to get the complete package for your product or brand. By combining these two creative services we can comprehensively show your product working in the environment it was designed for and crucially the environment your customers will use it in. 

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