At Breakaway Digital, we are a team of experts in all aspects of digital marketing. We can manage everything from building your website from scratch, to devising your content strategy and advising on your social media campaigns. We specialise in bringing together a coherent plan to improve your online performance.

Our team is made up of an extraordinary bunch of digital professionals who have worked in the digital marketing industry for their whole careers. We’ve got years of experience in carrying out marketing campaigns, and we would love to put our expertise to work on your brand and website

A full-service marketing agency

We have the team to provide you with a full-service for any kind of digital marketing campaign that you are looking for. Whether you want to focus on your video marketing output, or achieve higher returns from your organic search traffic – we can help you devise a plan and put it in motion. But we also offer our services as a complete package, taking care of all your digital needs.

Whether you are looking for a team of marketing specialists to beef up your current output and add fresh ideas, or you don’t do any digital marketing and need us to help you through the whole process, we would be delighted to work with you.

  • We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, from tiny start-ups to national brands
  • On top of our excellent staff, we’ve built up a brilliant range of contacts across the digital marketing industry allowing us to provide you with any services you need
  • Our team are digital natives with a great understand of how to apply different strategies to campaigns

Developing your brand presence

In the digital landscape, we think of your business as your brand, and we can provide a huge number of develop your brand. We’ll get to know your company – how it works and the messages it wants to send. This allows us to work within your tone of voice and deliver on-brand message for a more coherent overall digital strategy – we’ll show your business in the right way.

Building a brand presence meets presenting an aligned strategy across a variety of channels. We will work closely with you to ensure that our team and your staff can work seamlessly. Getting your branding right is vitally important in digital marketing, and this is something we have true expertise in.

  • We get passionate about your brand
  • We’ll come up with a range of strategies and ideas for how to promote your business online

A focus on growth

We understand the bottom line of digital marketing for any commercial company – getting more leads, and more conversions, and more sales, and more profit. Our team has a strong commercial focus, and the strategies that we suggest, plan, and implement are designed with business growth in mind.

You won’t find us doing anything for show – every campaign we work on has purpose. No matter whether we running an advertising campaign, writing content for your newsletter, or building you a website, we’ll do so with return on your investment as the end goal.

  • We understand that digital marketing needs to make money for your business
  • We’ll never suggest anything that we don’t think would benefit your brand
  • We are driven by the satisfaction of helping businesses succeed

A bespoke package of services

Everything that we do at Breakaway Digital is tailored around your needs. When you work with us, we’ll establish which services that you need from us and recommend how we could help your business thrive. This means that whether you want a single channel project, a specific set of services, or the full works, we can help you.

We will never make you pay for anything that you don’t need. So, if you don’t use social media, for example, we won’t push that as part of a package – we’ll work entirely within your requirements and needs.

  • Every business is different, so every solution we offer is unique
  • We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity – we’ll only provide the services that we think you need

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