At Breakaway aside being Pre-production Specialists we provide a number of services; from web design to cycling copywriting, SEO optimisation to professional photography and while we love everything we do the latter is definitely our bread and butter. 

Professional photography shoots, be that product photography or lifestyle shoots, are exciting, dynamic, creative and really fun to be a part of. We have been lucky to work with some really exciting brands, personalities and models. From Fabric saddles to Hunt Bike Wheels and even something new for us in the shape of e-gravel bike brand Cairn. 

Unfortunately there is a dark side to professional photography, that being pre-production. But luckily for you we even enjoy that, ok not as much as actually pressing the shutter button but enough to make it part of the photography services we offer. 

Joking aside, pre-production is actually really important and can be the make or break of a good shoot. In our image saturated society it isn’t good enough to just pull a camera out of your bag fire off a hundred shots, get back in the car and have something that will make people notice your brand, product or ambassador. 

You need to have a plan. Not only does planning a shoot save you time in the short term by squeezing more content out of a shorter shooting window but it can often have greater implications to the wider marketing push for your product or brand identity. 

Our in-house team of photographers have years of experience when it comes to location and talent scouting meaning we can find you the perfect backdrop or location and likewise the ideal model to place in it. 

pre-production location scouting
pre-production location scouting

Pre-production starts with a great Location

At Breakaway everything starts with a chat, this is no different for our pre-production service. In most cases we will sit down over a coffee and get to know your product, brand character and work with you to find the best look, location and style we can.

Through lots of hard work, trial and error and hours spent on google maps street view we have built up a library of great locations. 

From stunning golden hour, sun soaked corn fields to graffiti lined lanes full of grunge and character we know where to go. We even know the best time of day and are able to scout out a new location if none of ours seem quite right for your brand identity and look.

Our energetic team is always on the lookout for new locations, even when out riding their bikes on the weekend!


So you’ve got your ideal location, the light is about to be just right, your new product or products are waiting but there’s one thing missing, the talent. 

Over the years we have developed a large back-catalog of models, influencers and professionals that we know we can call on even at the last minute. And just like with locations if what we offer doesn’t meet your exact requirements we can approach new models on your behalf and even take over negotiations and communications so they are exactly on message for the shoot. 

When it comes to styling the shoot we have close relationships with a number of outdoor or cycling brands who have helped us in the past by providing anything from bikes, to clothing or even coffee beans, the list goes on. 

Finally just to make sure nothing untoward happens on the day of the shoot we can put together a comprehensive shot list and location plan. This not only shortens the time spent faffing around on location but importantly provides a clear outline as to what end result you will take home. 

If you need a new look to your brand or some mouth watering product shots then we would be happy to help. Get in touch for a chat today, make the break and see if you can hold off the chasing pack. 

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