Your website needs to be found if you want a successful business – at Breakaway Digital we understand this, so we take SEO very seriously. When you work with us, we do everything we can to maximise your cycling brand online and carry out all of our work with search visibility in mind. We are a team with years of expertise in SEO, following the industry and keeping track of the changing face of search engines.

This leaves us perfectly placed to help manage all the various aspects of your website’s optimisation. From a technical SEO perspective, dealing with schema, sitemaps, and earned links to the on-page details of fantastic content strategy, stunning imagery, and immaculate design.

The right SEO strategy for your cycling or sports business

To establish the right strategy for your website, we need to get to know your business. We’ll take the time to really get to know the ins and outs of your organisation, brand, and market position so that we can help you devise a plan for optimising your site. You can be as in involved in the process as you like, and you will have complete control and understanding throughout.

The real key to sports SEO is to have a fantastic responsive website that is designed to appeal to both search engines and customers. We’ll work with you to develop your site into something that Google will love.

  • We treat each project individually and approach every site and business with a unique strategy
  • We’ve always got ideas and suggestions for opportunities to improve your site and rank better for key terms
  • We build all of our sites on WordPress – a famously SEO-friendly CMS

Analysis and reporting

For effective and valuable long-term SEO it is absolutely essential to track how your website is performing. This allows you examine the stats over time and establish what you are doing well and where you could improve. To make this whole process easier for you, we’ll install and configure Google Analytics (if you haven’t already).

We can track the performance of your site including everything from time on page and bounce rate to key measures of success such as conversions. Whether you just need a little input and few ideas, or you’d like full analysis on your website over a long period, we can carry it out for you.

  • We can conduct a site audit using your data to help plan your SEO strategy
  • We understand the need to focus on converting and making sales – this plays a key role in our analysis

Ranking for the right terms

There is no use in getting your site to the first position in Google for a term that nobody is searching for. We carry out thorough research into your industry niche and create a plan for the perfect range of keywords and phrases to target your SEO efforts at. This involves talking directly with you and your team to understand your cycling brand as well as looking into your competitors and marketplace.

We focus on helping you achieve your business goals. SEO is an ever-changing industry where the goalposts are constantly being moved – as passionate cycling digital marketing professionals we are constantly updating and our knowledge and expertise to ensure we only ever recommend strategies inline with best practice.

  • There may be keywords and terms that you’ve never even thought to optimise for – we’ll help you find them
  • Understanding which are the most popular terms can actually help your business grow as strong numbers can indicate a huge interest

On-going sports SEO services

Optimising your site isn’t something that you can do for a couple of months and then forget about. When you stop making updates and upgrades to your site it is easy to fall behind, and before you know you’ll start slipping in the rankings. That’s why we offer a range of on-going sports SEO services, to ensure that you capitalise your current position and continue to improve in the rankings.

Google loves to see freshness signals on site – even those performing well. This means that you can improve your optimisation by updating and tweaking the design, creating brand new pages entirely different from your standard theme, and adding new content.

  • From content and blogs to complete site overhauls, you can count on us for anything
  • As times change, so do our strategies – we keep up with search engine trends
  • We’ll never recommend any SEO services that we don’t think you need

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