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The Brief

When Eric at Body Rocket approached us it was immediately clear we would be challenged extensively in our ability to understand our clients unique offering in the market. That truly excited us as a team. When a client has spent as long developing and prototyping their product as Eric has and can still deliver its USP with such passion you can’t help but share that enthusiasm.

Body Rocket approached us to help them establish a complete refresh on their brand and online presence. With a kickstarter campaign planned for the summer it was essential Body Rocket could take their product and place it in front of potential investor in confidence they had the support behind them online.

They needed a design that could explain their product on several levels and an easy to manage website from which they could grow. This required us as a team to really understand the technical aspects of Body Rocket, but also delve into what users truly needed from the site

Breakaway Digital took our rough idea and turned it into a coherent, cohesive site complete with new logo, icons, and colour palette.

The Strategy

After a brief chat over a coffee Breakaway ran a discovery workshop with Body Rocket’s core team to understand their needs and goals and establish the best approach for the project. With the groundwork in place, we built a profile of key users – who they were, why they might want to use the site and ultimately what kind of information they would be seeking.

This provided insights that allowed Breakaway to develop a clear knowledge of who we would be designing for, and what their expectations were. We developed several personas, each representing a different type of website user. This allowed us to make decisions based purely on the needs of the different users. Breakaway then used the findings to build wireframes to develop ideas and meet the site’s various challenges.

From the outset it was clear that as Body Rocket developed as a product so would the site, today's goals would not necessarily be those of tomorrows so it was important that the site could be managed easily. Wordpress is a perfect solution to this kind of problem and offers us complete flexibility in the way we handle content across the site, allowing members of the Body Rocket team secure access to manage any piece of content at any given time, worry free.

Dan’s understanding of cycling made the website development feel like a true collaboration.

The Result

coming soon...

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